Merriam-Webster defines Strategy as a careful plan or method and the Cambridge dictionary defines Strategy as a long-range plan for achieving something or reaching a goal. It was almost a decade ago when I started digital marketing freelancing, social media was the heart and soul of my business. But, now I want to talk about why social media is no longer a sole marketing strategy.

Why Social Media Is No Longer A Strategy

Social media can be a fantastic place to market your business. Find the right place or platform to meet your target market and it can be an excellent way to reach your customer base on a regular basis.

Marketing on social media however is not a strategy in and of itself, however. Marketing strategies are a way to plan and execute your marketing projects and agendas. Social Media is more of a tool or a location to put that marketing. As a location, social media platforms are a space to declare that your business is available for work, that you have the expertise to help people, and as a space to share helpful content to attract leads for your business.

Social media as a tool is also a fantastic place to interact and engage with your community, prospects, and clients. This has never been available as a business tool before. In the early days of social media, it was the answer to every business problem!

• Not enough revenue? Get on social media
• Can’t find your customers? Get on social media
• Small ad budget? Get on social media

Social Media To Help Grow Your Business

Today, with dozens of businesses served, millions of people reached, and nine years of empirical research, I’m here to tell you Social Media is no longer the perfect marketing strategy it once was thought to be. But, it can still be a wonderful way to grow your business:

1. Combine Social Media Marketing With Other Marketing. It’s not often advisable to use just one form or space to circulate your marketing. Traditional marketing like direct mailing and advertising in combination with social media marketing and other online marketing like a business video channel can be a good mix for your business’s marketing plan.

2. Specific Platforms. One of the best ways to reach your prospects and customer base on social media is by picking the right platform. If your target market isn’t hanging out on TikTok it’s not a great idea to base your marketing on there. If they are gathering on LinkedIn more often, then learning and executing a good social media marketing plan for LinkedIn is a must. Choose your social media platforms wisely. At the same time, if you need to try different social media platforms and experiment it can certainly pay off when you find the right one for your business.

3. Building Relationships. We all know how valuable relationships can be in our business venture. It’s important for everyone. And, people are often interested in making relationships on social media platforms. Engaging and connecting will be a good portion of building relationships online.

4. Low Cost. Organic social media marketing is still an option and can be a low-cost one for building your business. It won’t be a free option exactly, but it can be pretty inexpensive. For example, you won’t need to pay to promote your business on a social media platform, but it will take time. You might need to hire help if you don’t have that time. And, it can also lead to the purchase of other tools and apps to make your marketing on social media better.

5. Advertising. You can spend more on social media marketing platforms to advertise your business. It can be a constructive way to get your name out there. While it will not be free, it can be just the right way to reach your audience. If you can aim your advertising to the right target market it can help you build your business faster than you could without advertising.

Small Business Marketing Strategies For Growth

So, now that you understand that social media is no longer considered a sole strategy for small businesses to build their brand it can be a good item to work into your actual marketing strategy.

And, while there are lots of ways to market your business online, as you can see, I like to call my marketing strategies Roadmaps. While a strategy and a Roadmap are essentially defined as the same thing, ‘a plan to guide progress to a goal’, this title change is purposeful and intended to shift the thinking, rather than redefine what we know.

Roadmaps are your strategic plans to market your small business for growth and success. We’ll talk about Roadmaps more in the future!

Are You Ready To Build Your Business?

CaraJoy Nash CEO of She’s Online Agency is a Florida-based digital marketing educator and trainer working with Professional Women and Women Business Owners throughout the world.