Despite having an MBA, when I started my business, She’s Online, I did not have the skill set to be a CEO, entrepreneur, or small business anything.

I didn’t even know where to start. I knew I performed best in a structured environment, but being responsible for creating the process, method, and structure that’s required of a business, and its owner was completely overwhelming!

It began causing me anxiety, which lead to, avoidance, [self] bargaining and chaos in my life and in my business.

What was I going to do? I had to figure this out! I wanted so badly to figure it out and run a successful agency NOT give up and wade around in misery forever.

If I were ever going to make my business work, accomplish my goals, and be profitable… I’d have to learn how to “Manage Oneself” as Peter Drucker says.


What I learned from Drucker was, whether owning a business or managing a team, your growth and ultimate success are built on the same premise, being able to align your values with your business and future clients.
Here’s how I plan to do this, Top 30 Women Disruptors To Look Out For In 2021