Learn To Be The Businesswoman You’ve Always Dreamed About

Are you tired of hearing “You need a positive mental attitude, a strategy, and grit, to succeed and overcome what’s holding you back?!” Me Too!


Seriously, that’s a bunch of crap! I’m an optimist by nature, but it didn’t prevent me from getting depressed when my solopreneur business wasn’t working like I thought it should or rid me of the overwhelm that came from being my own boss.

Are You Struggling To Make Your Business A Reality?

As a business owner, freelancer, entrepreneur, solopreneur…whatever your title is, you’re responsible for your own paycheck, and YOU WEAR MANY CAPES! You’re the accountant, the marketer, the HR department, you’re the logistics department, and maybe even the plumber some days. 

Any way you look at it, starting and growing your business can be overwhelming and time-consuming to say the least. And let’s not forget loneliness and the isolation at times. I know because I’ve been there! But it was in my darkest days that I was reminded – I’m a warrior and a fighter – I can make it work!

 You see, every day I battle an autoimmune disorder and degenerative arthritis. Oh-yah, hurray for me! On top of that, I have ADHD (the inattentive type.) Woohoo! Plus, it’s the version that typically doesn’t lend itself to being the most self-disciplined or structured person. I was that first grader whose desk was next to the teacher because I couldn’t stay quiet, and focused. I’ve struggled with self-discipline and structure for an exceptionally long time.  

So, I have that going. But really, we each have our own struggles. Right?!  And these are some of mine. My lack of self-discipline and structure continued to muck things up for me. Between my lack of confidence and focus, life was bleak. I should mention I [also] had a monster case of imposter syndrome!


But I don’t wallow. I didn’t want chaos and failure to be my legacy… Life is short! I was going to kick-ass something fierce! I was gonna’ bring it if it was the last thing I did!


Despite my issues…I found a way to make it work and become a better version of myself in the process. And I know if I can do it [with ADHD, an autoimmune disorder, low-grade depression….and everything else] YOU CAN BE BETTER TOO!

Have You Also Experienced This?


If you’re exhausted, stressed, snippy, or are simply overwhelmed you know what I’m talking about.

But I don’t wallow. I didn’t want chaos and failure to be my legacy. Life is short! I was going to kick-ass at something fierce! I was gonna bring it if it was the last thing I did!


And now is your chance to also better your life and your business!